L0GO5 is a double entendre. It is an idea and a statement, a purpose and an expression. Walking between the lines of light and dark realms of art. He is the breaker of Norms, he is the experience of All, and he is No One.

31092089_1675276675899315_998674076362866688_oBorn and raised in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada, L0GO5 has known entertainment his whole life, especially music. From his early influences of rock, metal, and film scores he explores the various realms of dubstep with heavy bass riffs and traversing all styles of house involving dark rhythms, He eventually made his way to Los Angeles, where empires are built, to make his way into the scene and studied at Icon Collective where he honed his craft to create music that walks between the line of dark aggressive sounds and bright lush themes. His drops make them rage and his rhythm makes them bounce, the experience is L0GO5.


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