THE HATEFUL EIGHT: Tarantino’s Eighth Film *NO SPOILERS*

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By Jakesepher Hohenheim | Jan.  20th, 2016

This last December 2015 saw the release of the western mystery film The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film written and eighth film made (if you want to be specific, his 7th story). This is merely to discuss some features of this film without disclosing any spoilers to the plot.

Tarantino brings his classic style and personality yet again with the casual violence, exaggerated bloodshed, and WTF situations we all know and love about QT movies. He is one of the few great directors left who make actual Movies, by that definition, original or thought provoking stories and using almost every theme of cinema by mixing satire, drama, comedy, and suspense. Now I’ve never been into Western themed films until I have watched Django Unchained, QT’s 7th feature film. Without spoiling the plot, unlike Django Unchained which is a journey, The Hateful Eight is about a particular situation that came from unfortunate circumstances. I will also say to those wanting to view the movie, be patient in the beginning. The story plays out in progression with slow dialogue and story building that accelerates into which I will describe as “utter madness”.

Only thing greater than the story is the wide picture shot in 70 mm.
using Ultra Panavision 70 and Kodak VISION 3 film stocks: 5219, 5207, 5213 and 5203. It is the widest release in 70 mm film since Ron Howard‘s Far and Away in 1992.
The Hateful Eight (Cinematography), Wikipedia

Watch a gorgeous time lapse of The Hateful Eight’s 70mm projection process

What I thought about The Hateful Eight characters:

  1. “The Hangman” (Kurt Russell) – Java Java Java
  2. “The Bounty Hunter” (Samuel L. Jackson) – Wow. Just wow.
  3. “The Prisoner” (Jennifer Jason Leigh) –  What a hot mess.
  4. “The Cow Puncher” (Michael Madsen) – Cut throat
  5. “The Little Man” (Tim Roth) – Yyyeeessssss!
  6. “The Sheriff” (Walton Goggins) – You’re the Sheriff?
  7. “The Confederate” (Bruce Dern) – Poor guy
  8. “The Mexican” (Demián Bichir) – That door…..

THE HATEFUL EIGHT – Official Teaser Trailer – The Weinstein Company



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