CTHULHU VST REVIEW: A Quality Chord and Arp Module


By Jakesepher Hohenheim, Jan. 14th, 2016

There are a number of plug ins on the market for midi effects like a chord sequencer or midi arpeggiator. Many Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) will have them in stock, but very few can match in the quality of Xfer Records‘ Cthuhlu vst plugin device developed by Steve Duda.

Steve Duda is best known as an engineer, producer, programmer, musician, and most notably as one of the duo in BSOD along with Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5.


CaptureAkai Professional MPK249 49-Key USB MIDI Drum Pad and Keyboard Performance Controller

Duda designed this Chord and Arp module for musicality in mind. Fully stocked with an assortment of presets and parameters that makes midi composition not only more intuitive but also inspiring. Both modules include a randomize option to expand further creativity and experimentation.

[ Steve Duda sits down with David Alexander at Icon Collective, Los Angeles, CA ]

Try out the Demo or Buy the Cthulhu VST plug in (Chord & Arp Module)

Cthulhu vst setup – FL Studios
Cthulhu vst setup – Ableton Live
Cthulhu vst setup – Cubase