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By Jakesepher Hohenheim | Jan. 27th ,2016

There are countless resources that can be found on the internet to help you learn the ways and techniques in audio production. I personally like reading through forums but I also find it very effective watching video tutorials, specifically on YouTube. The following are my top choices of YouTube channels for you to check out and learn whatever it is you’re trying to do to enhance your music production.
These channels may have tutorials geared towards DAW specific programs like Ableton and Logic, but just about all DAWs have similar functionality just in a different looking interface. So you can apply almost any of these techniques to any DAW, it’s important to do a lot of experimenting and getting to know your specific DAW.  Also, check out Top 5 Sites for Tutorials and Cources.

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1.) ADSR Sounds (various DAWs)
This is also on my Top 5 Site list, but this is a really great channel and site for its variety in DAW and VST plugin tutorials. There are few genre specific tutorials, mainly lessons on audio processing techniques, mixdown tips, and demostrations for some of the latest hardware instruments and plugin devices. For Full Courses:


2.) Computer Music Magazine (various DAWs and VSTs)
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Computer Music is a UK based, monthly magazine that publishes complete guides for music production where each issue includes samples, software demos, tutorials, and other tools that are available for online downloads. With a subscription you can take advantage of being up to date in all the tools and techniques, but if what you are looking for is quick “I need it now” tutorials, their Youtube Channel will have plenty of resources on various DAWs and plugin devices. Subscribe at Computer Music

3.) SadowickProductions (Ableton Live specific, various VSTs)
A one man tutorial channel hosted by a Canada based producer. This is my top favorite independant music production tutorial channel. Although it is geared towards Ableton Live, the real gems are the genre specific tutorials. He covers genres like Tech House, Techno, Trap, and more. There are a number of demos and overview of plugins like Sylenth1, KV331 Synthmaster, Xfer’s Serum, Nerve, and LFO Tool. He’s got  a lot of videos on numerous topics, it will take some digging but the information is well worth it. Check out his music on Soundcloud: Sadowick


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4.) SeamlessR (FL Studio specific, various VSTs) 
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Another producer distributing priceless lessons in synth sound design, bass production, and arrangement styles. This Massachusetts based producer is also an artist signed to FIXT, an independent record label. This channel provides an assortment of genre specific track building, techniques in sound processing, and other engineering discussions.


5.) Multiplier (Ableton Live | Xfer Serum | NI Massive specific)

Multiplier is a UK based producer that provides tutorials specifically for Ableton, using Serum and Massive. A person can get pretty lost with how much information and devices to choose from, personally I enjoy working in a minimal setting so I can concentrate on getting a project done. I think it is important get all the basics down so it becomes second nature to progress through a project without having to always wonder “what do I do next?”. Multiplier goes into the basics of creating kick drums, hi hats processing, and numerous reviews in plugins and recording/audio gear.

BONUS: BoyInABand (Propellerhead Reason and other discussions)
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I decided to add this even though his music production tutorials go back a few years and use an older version of Propellerhead Reason. This is Dave, a UK based producer, who has an interest in music, science, and psychology. His channel makes up more as a vlog rather than production tutorials, but it’s some really entertaining stuff!




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